Professional Code

  • Promote respect for customer's rights and property, as well as for others on the job.
  • Refuse to engage in job disruptions and slowdowns or activities designed to extend the job or create overtime or any other conduct that would cast Ironworkers Local 402 in bad light.
  • Own up to '8 for 8' and be on the job unless otherwise allowed to leave.
  • Follow safe, reasonable and legitimate management directives.
  • Employ the proper tool for the job and maintain personal tool responsibilities.
  • Show your skills and abilities of the trade.
  • Stop waste and other forms of property destruction, including graffiti.
  • Inappropriate behavior is for those of lesser knowledge.
  • Obligate yourself to your job and end idle time and the pursuit of personal business during work hours, including cell phone use.
  • No solicitation of funds or selling of merchandise without approval.
  • Always care for tools and equipment provided by the employer.
  • Limit lunch and break times to allocated periods; adhere to established start and quit times.

  • Come to work on time, fit for duty and ready to work.
  • Obey recognized customer and employer work rules.
  • Demonstrate zero tolerance for alcohol and substance abuse.
  • Exercise proper safety, health and sanitation practices.
  • Standard of Excellence

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