Training Center

In the building and construction trades unions, training opportunities do not end upon completion of apprenticeship. All building trades unions and JATCs offer free skill improvement and skill upgrading to ensure their members have access to continuous learning opportunities. These programs are designed to broaden, diversify and update the skills of union members.

Safety and Health Training
As part of their skills training, building trades members learn safety on the job. Safety and Health courses help members better handle the hazards of construction sites and stay safe. These courses are available to apprentices and journey-level members.


Many of the unions have also worked with area schools to create school-to-work programs. These successful programs have improved industry awareness among students and counselors, and have assisted students in their preparation for a career in the building trades.

In order to arrive on the job at the proper time each day, the apprentice should adjust his/her schedule to allow for traffic problems. Arriving a few minutes early allows extra time to talk to fellow workers. The employee who takes the extra time and effort to learn all he can will become a better employee.

No person is content doing something he/she knows little about. Each of us will do better at things we understand and are interested in. The more we learn about our trade the more responsible we become.

Skilled workers are developed – not born. Skills are acquired through classroom instruction and on the job training. The apprenticeship program can only give you these skills if you put forth the effort learn. You will only get out of this program what you put into it.

As an Ironworker, it is your responsibility to give the employer 8 hours work for 8 hours pay. It is your responsibility to show up at the jobsite on time and to attend school regularly. Not meeting these basic responsibilities will mean dismissal and we feel the effort you have made in coming into the program should not be wasted.

Mike Kauffmann, Jr. - Training Director
Phone: 561 842-6254